PDED Engineer – ECE

Position Summary

  • Posted:2019/11/22

  • job type:PTEC

  • experience:Minimum of 2 years at any of the following field of specialization

  • Job Location:Carmelray Industrial Park Canlubang Laguna

  • Salary/hourly pay:

  • Industry:Manufacturing

  • job Function:PDED Engineer - ECE

  • specialty:PTEC

  • job title:PDED Engineer - ECE

JOB Summary

    Job Experiences:

    • A minimum of 2 years at any the following field of specialization
    • Computer and control system (mechanical equipment, automation systems, design of development of robotics, etc.)
    • Trouble-shooting of electronics hardware such as AC-DC rectifier and aplifiers, Inverters and converters system, PLC systems, computers (desktop and laptop).
    • Instrument and control engineer (primary control system/hardware/software support and instrumentation).


    • Graduate of Electronics and Communications Engineer ( 5-yr program)
    • Must have good communication skills (oral and written)
    • Strong practical and problem-solving abilities.
    • Must have OJT (on-the-job) or complete apprenticeship in any of these fields: (Semiconductors, Transmitter, Broadcasting, Industrial Electronics and instrumentation, Communication devices and network systems, Computer and communication products, Design and development of electronics system, Power generators and electric motors, Integrated circuit design (electronics PC board design)
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